Company Autopulse  founded in 2010 in Kovel, Volyn region. Disassemble motors and sale of engine parts, components of the fuel system, electrical engine, gearbox and clutch for commercial vehicles.

During this short time we managed to win the trust of customers and distributors from all over Ukraine.

All presented in our parts are original and come from Poland, Germany, Holland, France. We have products, both new / used parts.

Direct wholesale deliveries to Europe, allow to obtain the best quality goods at the lowest possible prices.

The main principles of our company:

- Any advance payment for the goods;

- The installation of a guarantee;

- Quality;

- low prices;

- fast delivery;

- Interest in each client.

In connection with the expansion of the company Autopulse  launches three new projects:  - marketing of quality injectors and fuel pumps for commercial and passenger cars of different models. The project simplifies the search for spare parts due to the possibility of selection based on original numbers;  - specialized site on the selection and implementation of the turbines for a wide range of car makes and models. The main advantage of this design has presence in the range to the turbine, not only commercial, but also to passenger cars.

A - an online store, the purpose of which the selection and sale of high-quality starters, alternators and other engine oboroduvaniya attachments for a wide variety of brands and models of cars. The main advantage of this project is the availability of spare parts in stock not only to business but also to passenger cars.

Our to l Lect

Company AutoPulse  - a team of specialists in the field of automobile parts.

They not only deliver the necessary goods to you as quickly as possible, but also give comprehensive advice on installation parts and its operation, as well as help in the selection of suitable spare parts for your car.

We work for you!